Frequently Asked Question
What is BioinfoRes?
BioinfoRes is a company situated at Jammu, J&K (India) where we train  the most advanced and  essential computational  biological methods and analyses to budding researchers and professionals of biological sciences  for prosperous carrier opportunities such as Ph.D. in reputed Inernational Universities and Jobs in R&Ds. 
What is the strength of BioinfoRes?
We have strong foundations in what we train and we are actively involved in research.
What modules are trained at BioinfoRes?
At BioinfoRes we offer five modules i.e. Introduction to basic bioinformatics, whole exome sequence analysis, RNA expression analysis, metagenomics analysis and molecular dynamics simulation analysis, immuno-informatics
Do you offer online training?
At BioinfoRes we offer Online training to students. Just stay at your institute, office or home and learn the best skills.
Who are eligible to get training?
B.S., B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Tech, MS, M.Tech and Ph.D. Scholars, Scientists and Faculty of Life Sciences, Bioinformatics, Pharmacology etc. are eligible.
What is the benefit of this training?
After sucessful completion of the training you become independent in analysing complex biological data. Additionally, We also involve you to work on our research projects and offer you Co-Authorship in publication. After the training you become capable to analyse your data and compile the report in the form of a research paper all yoursef sucessfully.
Do I have to pay for the publication and publication charges?
No, you don't have to pay for anything for publication or publication charges.
How long does it takes to get the papers accepted after submission?
There is no fixed time line however usually it takes 45 days to 6 months to get  paper published in good reputed journals. Sometimes it may take a bit longer too. Patience is a virtue for science.
How many trainees are there in the group?
We restrict the maximum numbers of trainees to five in one group
What is the mode of payment and do you accept fee in installments?
International Participants can pay the fee through Western Union and Paypal.
Indian Participants can use NEFT, PHONEPE and PAYTM.
We have very competetive fee for our modules therefore we highly prefer one time payment in advance.
What is the fee refund policy?
We consider three conditions for fee refund: 1) If you have deposited your fee and want to withdraw one month before the start of training we refund you 100% fee, 2) If you have deposited your fee and choose to withdraw within a week before the start of training we will refund you 90% of the submitted fee, 3) If you have deposited your fee and choose to withdraw within a week after the start of training we will refund you 80% of the submitted training fee.
I am a Post Graduate. Can this training help me to get Ph.D. admission in an International/Overseas University?
Answer is both Yes and No. We at BioinfoRes develop scientific capability in our trainees. Our training modules have a great application in modern research and almost every advanced lab is dependent on these analyses. We also involve our Trainees in research problems and help them earn a research paper in good journal through ther intellectual efforts. Training and research publication complement one another and strengthen your research profile so that you are preffered over other applicants. But we donot participate in your admission etc.
How to contact BioinfoRes?
You can contact us through Email at , through our contact number displayed at our website or through chat box.